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Life Really is Peachy!

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Dolce Debbie gets peachy with a new burger dish!

It's no big secret how much I love Twitter and this post is a direct result of twitter and perfect example of the wonderful things ripe for the picking!

While catching up with friends and chatting on Twitter not too long ago, I noticed that I had received a direct message. To my pleasure, it was from one of my newest friends Michael Baxter otherwise known as @BaxtersOriginal. Michael owns a company in Georgia that sells BBQ Smoking Woods, Baxters Original. For more information visit Michael graciously offered to send me a trial of some of his products. Of course I'm not one to turn down a good thing when I see it, so I think I replied yes before he had had time to click the send button.

Within a couple of days my much anticipated package arrived. Inside I found peach wood chips AND this phenomenal peach smoked sea salt. I think I pondered for all of about 2 minutes and decided that whatever I did had to involve peaches! I mean, HELLO, it had come from Georgia and the wood was from a peach tree. I wanted to do something a little different than the typical smoking of ham, chicken, ribs, etc. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a FREAK for hamburgers. Well, the rest is history and here is the result...The Baxter Burger. You have to try this guys to believe it. I've made these several times since as requested from many who have had them. I even made them into sliders for a party.

Dolce Debbie gets peachy with a new burger dish!

Make sure to visit my friend Michael's site and order your supplies for making your next masterpiece and if you're on Twitter make sure to follow him at @BaxtersOriginal.

Click here for my recipe for the Baxter Burger!

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written by Carlos, October 06, 2010
I am also a FREAK for hamburgers haha. Looks amazing.
written by Matt, September 16, 2010
Just stumbled here after Cru Cellars' mentioned you on Twitter. That burger looks incredible. I might have try that peach salsa recipe. Thank you, Debbie!
written by Wilfred Reinke aka @OshawaOgre, August 01, 2010
Directed here by a Baxters tweet, my that burger looks awesome, thanks for posting it!

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