Dec 14

Win a Chocolate Pear Panettone from Italy!

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Win a Chocolate Pear Panettone


I'm in the Christmas spirit! This Friday, December 18, 2009 I will give away a Chocolate Pear Panettone from Italy to one of the people leaving a comment on this blog between Dec 14th and Dec 18th. These are incredibly good, and nothing like the ones from the grocery store. A friend of mine from Venice brought them to me this week, and I want to share. So, leave me your name and email address in a comment below. Good Luck! - Debbie

12/19/09: Congratulations: From a double blind selection process, Kim Randall is my winner for the Chocolate Pear Panettone! Thanks for everyone who participated, and Merry Christmas!

Dec 10

The Lost Art of Family Dinners

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Dolce Debbie's Chicken Baked with Sage and Bacon
Chicken Baked with Sage and Bacon

While recording some of our family favorites for my upcoming cookbook, I’m reminded of the most important ingredients found in all my dishes, love and passion.

I’ve been blessed to have grown up in a generation that experienced true family dinners. As a girl growing up in the south, it never occurred to me that everyone didn’t go to their grandmother’s home on Sunday to have dinner with the entire family, which always meant eating with a minimum of 15 people. Not that it was always a pie in the sky kind of experience…come on people it was real, June Cleaver wasn’t there. OK, so I’m going to date myself here, but it was a time without cell phones, game boys, or computers, so there was actually interaction with real people at the table with you!

Oh the smells that would greet you as you pulled into the driveway, a chicken that had been roasting for hours, okra or green tomatoes being fried, green beans that have been cooking in bacon. As soon as you walked in you were assigned a job and it was anybody’s guess as to what it would be for that day. Maybe it was going out to the garden to pick the fresh vegetables for the salad, peeling potatoes for the mashed potatoes, or maybe turning the crank on the machine for homemade ice cream.

As everyone gathered around the table (all 15 of us - and yes there were tables to accommodate this), the “games” began. Of course everyone talked at the same time, so you had a choice of topics. There were as many conversations as there were people but the one thing in common was their love and passion for the food served and the time spent together.

Family dinners are an art which seem to have been dropped along the wayside with the ever evolving hectic techno savvy world. Don’t get me wrong, I think that there are amazing advancements that help keep our world connected…But perhaps we should try one day a week, I prefer Sundays, where television, computers, game boys, cellular phones, PDA’s, are not allowed. Try it - it’s amazing what you will discover about yourself and your family. Here is one of our favorite recipes from those family dinners that has been handed down for three generations. Click here to see my Chicken Baked with Sage and Bacon.

Dec 02

Dinner in Heaven

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Scallop at the CIA's Escoffier Restaurant
Scallop with Black Caviar

I’ve experienced some of the most delectable meals anyone could wish to experience all over the world and have had the best of the best people presenting these meals to me. While at the Culinary Institute of America to take a self assessment exam, I couldn’t resist having dinner at the Escoffier Room, home to Chef Alain DeCoster.

Dec 02

World AIDS Day 2009

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Dolce Debbie and Eric Muscatell of amfAR
Debbie with Eric Muscatell of amfAR

December 1, 2009 was World AIDS Day. On that day, I agreed to match any donation made on my donation page ( ). Together, we raised over $500 in one day! Thanks to everyone for your help.

I have been asked many times why I care about HIV/AIDS, and why I devote so much effort to a disease which has never directly touched anyone in my family. It’s just such a horrible disease that 33 million people are dealing with worldwide. In the United States, three times more people die from AIDS each year (including 2009) than all strains of flu combined, including H1N1! But yet, improvements in treatment have made this an almost forgotten disease, even as 2 million people were infected in 2007 alone. In Haiti, one of every three pregnant women has HIV. That’s 33% of the entire future population! My friends at amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) are working hard to help find a cure and put an end to AIDS once and for all.

On April 24, 2010, I am hosting a Benefit Dinner for amfAR in NYC. Please join us! There are only 30 seats, so get your tickets now. Click Here for more info.

And thanks again for caring. - Debbie

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