Dec 12

Bolognese Sauce

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Watch the video here...

This is one of my most requested recipes. It comes from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, from the town of Bologna, hence the name Pasta Bolognese. There are quite a few ingredients, so when I make this sauce, I go ahead and make extra and freeze the rest. It reheats well and makes for a quick and tasty dinner. Barry and I eat it with thick pasta, such as Cavatappi or Ziti. But you can never go wrong with pairing this sauce with any type of pasta, use what you love.

To get the complete printed recipe with the list of ingredients, click on the link labeled “Bolognese Sauce” in my list of recipes. Or you can just click on the video above and I'll show you how to make it!- Debbie

Dec 02

Acqua Alta in Venice

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High Water in Venice

As I read the news this week concerning the flooding in Venice, it takes me back to the season of flooding when we lived there. This is a photo that was taken outside of our first apartment in Venice. Yes, that is a gentleman repairing his boat at my front door!

Although it is disheartening to know that this precious part of history is slowing sinking, it is much worse looking from the outside in. The Venetians are very organized with dealing with “acqua alta”. As the high water is dictated by the tide and moon phase, it is somewhat predictable what the water will do. There are computer screens throughout town that show the tide and what the predicted height of the water will be. Then on days when the water is to exceed a certain level, there is a siren, which the first time you hear it scares you to death for it sounds like you are in an air raid!, which is sounded to allow you time to get to higher ground and get your gates place on the outside of your doors. This is in theory to keep the flooding out, although, at best is just slows the water down upon entering!

The worst of it is the clean up, moving furniture and equipment down off of the blocks that they have been placed upon to prevent as much damage as possible. So, good luck friends and family in Venice, hope you fared well through this last history making tide! - Debbie

Nov 23

Thanksgiving in Venice

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Thanksgiving in Venice with Dolce Debbie

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been one of the most important days of the year for me and my family. Every year I swear I will never do it again…the marathon cooking…and then the calls come from our girls, Mamma, when are we eating on Thursday and how many will we be having this year? Well, who can refuse?

The year that Barry and I spent in Venice, Italy was no different for me. I thought, what am I going to do, well, the obvious of course….I brought Thanksgiving to Italy! We had already developed a large circle of friends, not to mention the family we have there, and all are curious about what an “American Thanksgiving” dinner was about. So the invitation was extended to all of our local friends and family, the friends of course including the people we had met attending Istituto di Venezia, which come from ALL OVER THE WORLD! No pressure here, I’m only living in an apartment which basically has a closet with a small microwave, 2 burner stove top and yes……NO OVEN!!!! I’ve got to create a Thanksgiving dinner…with a TURKEY and NO OVEN!

Nov 05

Filming new Episodes

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Dolce Debbie at Rolling Pin


Man, I had no idea how inviting a little red light could be. This is from my marathon cooking/filming of 5 recipes. Of course, I didn't want to take the easy way out with the recipes...I chose some of my most requested: ragu bolognese, pork loin cooked in Marsala and orange juice, stuffed mushroom caps, Fettuccine Alfredo, and polenta with cheese and herbs. I think we were there for 7 hours and when I left, they were still cleaning! But it was a blast. I love cooking, and am learning that I am a ham I suppose (pardon the pun...I'm not a piece of meat!), I love cooking in front of an audience. Be it a little red light or a class learning how to prepare these dishes.

This day was great, I had people fixing my hair, make-up, prepping my food for me, that's Eric's back...he's actually filming my HANDS! They were not only dolling me up but the final food prep as well! I could get used to this! Seriously, check out the recipes to your right. They are all simple recipes, you only need a little time and a lot of passion and you will be tasting these delectable dishes just as the whole crew did on film day!

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