Oct 15

Apples, Olives, and Basil?

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Apples Olives and Basil

While taking the day off from the kitchen Sunday night, I hear someone jump out of their chair and in a very excited voice tell me I need to enter this. This what? Well, that response ended my day off in the kitchen….not such a bad thing for Deb I must admit.

Well, to back up a little, you all are pretty familiar with the fact that I have now rented space as a test kitchen for putting together my first cookbook. Well, I have finally moved all my equipment to the test kitchen, which as it turns out is not so good. When presented with the challenge of creating a dish in 24 hours or less, with 3 ingredients chosen by Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard and RedEye Chicago (Virtual Kitchen Stadium 2), my challenge was what the heck was I going to use to create what I was tasting in my mouth!

Sep 25

CIA Advanced Boot Camp

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Chef Dolce Debbie at CIA

Well, after surviving the first week at the Culinary Institute of America, I was excited to be returning for the Advanced Boot Camp. This was going to be my challenge week. I have cooked my entire life, so the cooking part for me was, for lack of a better term, kind of a no brainer, just learned the “proper” way of describing what I have been doing forever. But, this week I was going to have to learn how to “fabricate” meat, poultry, fish, and……deal with LIVE LOBSTER!

Fabricating Beef
First things first, what the heck was this “fabrication” process all about. I kept hearing this word, but what exactly did it mean used in this text. Well, for those of you wondering, it means basically they bring in a side of beef for example and you have to know how to make the various cuts such as a roast, rib steak, tenderloin, etc. My first day and I have the assignment of doing lamb tenderloin. So we watch very closely our instructor, Chef David Bruno, they always make it look so easy! But I’m here to tell you that when you are the one holding that sharp knife that can either produce the most gorgeous cut of meat or the most unrecognizable cut of meat based upon the holder’s ability, it isn’t so easy! But with the guidance and reassurance of Chef Bruno, I DID IT! I managed to cut and trim a gorgeous tenderloin…from an entire loin section of the lamb. Phew, day one….survived and made an amazing lamb tenderloin as well!

Sep 12

Cooking at the CIA

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Chef Dolce Debbie at CIA

After years, actually 40, of cooking and settling into a career as a chef, I was surprised by my husband with an opportunity to attend the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) for a chef’s boot camp course. So like a kid at Christmastime I went to my computer to check out what opportunities awaited me at the Institute.

As I said, I’ve been cooking for 40 years, but have never been classically trained and so I was a little unsure which class to take. So of course, I decided it would be a great idea to take both the basic and advanced chef’s boot camp. So two classes it would be - 5 days in each one. After weeks of waiting, I arrived at the beautful CIA campus in Hyde Park, NY.

Aug 07

The Itinerant Cookbook Project

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A couple of month’s ago I was asked by a friend of mine, Chef Gui Alinat to participate in an Itinerant Cookbook Project. Of course I accepted the offer immediately.

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