Nov 03

Experience of a Lifetime

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Chef Dolce Debbie at CIA

You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. Well, for me it was a chance of a lifetime with More Magazine in New York.

About two months ago I received an email from a freelance writer looking for women between the ages of 40 and 60 who were re-inventing themselves. Well, it sounded intriguing, so what the heck, I fit those two requirements, so I replied. I explained how for 24 years I had made my career working in the corporate world and as a Personal Trainer and Cycle Instructor and over the last couple years have made the transition into the culinary world, following one of my deepest oldest passions, cooking.

Well, much to my great surprise, I received a phone call about 3 weeks ago from…MORE MAGAZINE! It was editor Patti Greco asking me if I was still interested in participating in an article about women re-inventing themselves and spending two hours being mentored by a celebrity in my field of interest, for my area of interest the celebrity would be chef B. Smith! Oh my goodness now I really feel as though I’m dreaming. Of course I still want to participate, and to top it all off, they were going to fly me into New York City for the mentoring session with B. Smith and for a photo shoot and to prepare one of my original recipes for her.

Upon arriving in New York City, the first thing on the list was of course shopping, I was going for a fitting the next day, but what would I wear for that? After a long day of shopping at Bergdorf’s, I finally found the perfect outfit. After a fantastic dinner at Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain with a friend, I was off to get some rest for the following day. Not only would I be going for a fitting for my photo shoot with B. Smith for More Magazine, but would also be meeting with amfAR to discuss our upcoming charity event (more to come on that in my next blog). The fitting went perfect, in the end they actually liked my outfit so well, I just wound up wearing my own clothes.

The big day arrives, I’m really excited so I rush down, hail a taxi, give the driver the address, thinking this would be sufficient, but instead I’m asked where the address is, I tell him across from Bloomingdale’s, everyone knows where that is, at least one would think a taxi driver in New York City would at any rate, but this one didn’t. So, in a panic I made a couple of calls and of course no one answers, but thanks to Barry and his Google phone and Google maps, we find the needed cross streets and arrive just in time. I’m greeted by Daisy, Associate Photo Editor, who whisks me off to meet the hair and make-up guys Nelson and Jordy. What a great time I had with these guys, and what a great job they did. Then while Jordy is finishing my eyes, B. Smith arrives, what a gorgeous lady which is equaled by her kindness and generosity.

Chef Dolce Debbie at CIA

Now for the shoot. It was just like you see in the movies, the photographer was such a sweetheart and made me feel so comfortable about being in front of the camera that I forgot it was even there. Before I knew it two hours had passed and I had received some great advice on my future direction as a chef. So make sure and look for and buy the February issue of More Magazine. I know I will! Chef Dolce Debbie at CIA

By the way, for anyone who is curious about what I prepared for B. Smith, it was… Pistachio Encrusted Curry Sea Bass. Chef Dolce Debbie at CIA

Nov 01

Midlife Road Trip with Chef Dolce Debbie

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Dolce Debbie on Midlife Road Trip Show
Click here to watch me on the Midlife Road Trip Show!

Recently, the Midlife Road Trip Show came into town. Watch the stars Rick Griffin and Sher Bailey in this fun night we had at the Dolce Debbie Test Kitchen!

Oct 31

Easy, Quick, Elegant, Adult Halloween

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Dolce Debbie on Daytime TV on Halloween
Dolce Debbie as Sophia Loren

Who doesn’t love a good party? For me, that’s what I live for, and whereas I love to have themed, festive get-togethers, I decided this year it would be fun to add a little of old Hollywood glamour into the Halloween theme. So, needing to keep it a little macabre, I decided to do a theme on the Hitchcock classic “The Birds”. Easy enough, just find some black crows or any type of black bird, a bird cage, get some white pumpkins and spray paint a couple black...get where I’m headed…black and white. This is truly a case of less is more and nothing screams glamour more than black and white!

Oct 18

Virtual Kitchen II Round 2

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Dolce Debbie's Pork Stuffed Shrimp
Pork Stuffed Shrimp with Creamy Polenta and Wrapped Haricots Verts

When I read this week’s ingredients for round 2 of the Virtual Kitchen II contest, I was so excited. I had been anxiously waiting for their arrival all week. When I read ground pork and camembert I was in heaven, the third ingredient (haricots verts) created a little hesitation, but I decided to move forward with what I knew I wanted to do with the pork and cheese and let the beans just kind of happen.

Being from the south and married to an Italian, I have fun marrying the two traditional cuisines to create my own interpretation of “Southern Italian”, so imagine how excited I am to take that and add my own third dimension of French undertones. And this week I’ve used a VERY local ingredient, a marinade which is also available on-line, but created and made by a friend who is also a Tampa resident, Intensity Academy Chai Thai Teriyaki. For my other local flavor I chose Key West Pink shrimp, always fresh and scrumptious here on the west coast of Florida.

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