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Mar 24

Unsavory Adventures (The Hospitality Episode)

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While New York may be the capital of cosmopolitan living in the US, Georgia is the capital of hospitality. So in this episode the crew of Unsavory Adventures heads out to Atlanta to get a taste of that good old southern hospitality, and a taste of some of the best hot dogs in the south.

Join us as we visit the famous Varsity Restaurant and Drive-in as we enjoy the flavor of the south and bump into a cast member of the Midlife Road Trip show along the way. - Barry

Feb 01

Unsavory Adventures (The Brain Episode)

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I read once that intelligence is acquired. So the crew of Unsavory Adventures headed out to Evansville Indiana for a Fried Brain Sandwich. Now, many of you have written me asking if I was afraid of getting Mad Cow Disease. I would never eat a cow's brain, don't be ridiculous. These sandwiches are made of pork brains, breaded and fried. The cook at the Hilltop Inn has been making these sandwiches for 18 years, and has never tried one.....

What did they taste like? Well, let's just say, in the words of Alton Brown, “It's an acquired taste.” Just imagine a grey piece of seemingly processed meat-like substance shaped into a sandwich. If you like the McRib sandwich, you'll love fried brain. So, come with us to the Hilltop Inn in Evansville Indiana, voted the “Manliest Restaurant in America” by Asylum Magazine. Let's put our heads together and enjoy a Fried Brain Sandwich!

Leave me a comment, where should we go next? - Barry

Nov 14

Unsavory Adventures (The Fake Rib Episode)

Posted by: Barry | Comment (4)
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Can you tell the difference between real southern ribs and fake processed meat pressed into the shape of a rib?

In this episode I travel with the Unsavory Adventures camera crew to Birmingham Alabama on a rib taste testing trip. Along the way we encountered a "rib sandwich" at a fast food chain. Oddly enough, the "meat" under the bun was shaped like a small rack of ribs, but it contained no bones. When we cut into the "meat", the inside resembled a grey sponge of indeterminable origin. Since these fake sandwiches were being sold nationwide, one member of our crew suggested we film a taste test at a southern rib festival to see if anyone could identify the fake ribs. So off we headed to St Petersburg for their annual RibFest (which included Rick Springfield and the Doobie Brothers as entertainers) and set up our taste test table outside the main gate.

Check out the video, the results of the taste test may surprise you.

Oh, and don't be fooled by the shot of me eating one of the fake ribs - I didn't swallow. - Barry

Please leave a comment - the crew and I would love to hear where you feel we should go next!

Oct 24

Unsavory Adventures (The Buffalo Episode)

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Ever go out for a plate full of Buffalo Wings?

In this episode I head out in search of the truth behind these popular treats. Mesmerized by pretty waitresses in tight shirts, diners across the country are ordering these wings without ever asking questions about what happens to the animals left behind. Be warned: after watching this video, you may never eat another Buffalo Wing.

Morgan, the waitress at Boofalos restaurant was gracious enough to help us with our discoveries. After the video was produced, however, we were informed that she no longer works at Boofalos.

And our thanks to Buffy the buffalo, who truly did his best in attempting to fly for our video.. - Barry

Please leave a comment - the crew and I would love to hear which fast food outlet we should visit next!

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