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The most fabulous wine and food I've ever tasted! Anita, Florida










I enjoyed the uniqueness of each destination. The wines of each estate are hand crafted with love and care as was your selection of destinations and the overall feel of this trip. This is not one of those tours designed for the masses. I felt like a personal guest at each winery vs. being just another face in the crowd. Only one comment on the food and wine. Outstanding! – Kerry, Florida





Amalfi was intoxicating! My trip with Debbie and Barry was transformational! The villa, the food, Capri, Ravello, Positano, Pompeii, Giovanni, Peppino, Mamma Agata and my new-found friends......absolutely sensational. This is the only way to truly experience Italy!! - Debbie K, Sun Coast Travel






My experience with Savory Adventures along the Amalfi Coast was incredible! Debbie and Barry showed me a very personal side of Italy, where I was able to truly experience the local towns and people, understand the great history, taste mouth-watering food and wine, and relax amongst picturesque views. I could not imagine experiencing Italy any other way. - Sarah, Orlando





I am a travel agent with 39 years of full time experience, specializing in custom and specialized international travel.  I met Barry Frangipane of Savory Adventures and was most impressed with his organization and concept but felt that I owed it to the company for which I work and to my clients to check out the tour for myself.  I was totally impressed.  The villa, food, and wine were outstanding.  The tour was well structured and organized.  I have traveled extensively and eaten and drunk quite well on those trips.  The food and wine on my Savory Adventure equaled any that I have eaten anywhere.  The villa was one of the prettiest that I have been in, and the service was comparable to the look.   I recommend Savory Adventures highly. – Binnie Coppersmith, Travelworld, 1-800-234-1335






Had the best time ever!!! Debbie and Barry are the ultimate host and hostess in Italy. They take care of every detail and need. Can't wait to go with them again.  - Irene and Harold, South Carolina








There can be only be one word for the Amalfi Coast trip, spectacular. This has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. The scenery from our villa was absolutely gorgeous. Barry and Debbie were the two most accommodating and gracious hosts we have ever had in all of our travels. The food Debbie prepared was outstanding and the tours of Momma Agata’s, the surrounding countryside, and Capri were excellent. We will never forget the friendships made with both our host’s and the other couples on the trip. Thank you for a wonderful experience. . – Becky and Ricky, Alabama




The relaxed tempo of the Wine and Truffles tour, the terrific food, scenery and housing at the Villa (and it's friendly and helpful staff), and personal attention paid to all of us by you and Debbie, made this trip both a savory and treasured adventure.  It was a treat to visit the smaller cities and/or villages as a small group that could have friendly visits with the residents--who obviously were very fond of both Barry and Debbie.  I felt it was an excellent blend of activity and free time to enjoy a very beautiful, though less well-known, area of my favorite European country. Thanks for the experience!  - Allene, Colorado



 The Piemonte region of Italy is so vividly beautiful, I couldn't believe the wonderful experience my mother and I had with the Savory Adventures Wine and Truffles tour. Not only did we visit numerous wineries and have personal tours, we cooked regional foods, shopped for fresh ingredients, met wonderful people at the villa, searched for truffles, relaxed when we chose, AND had Barry and Debbie translate for us and saw to our every request. Does this sound like "too much praise"? Try this tour, you will not believe your good luck! – Holly, Colorado

As an 83 year old novice tour traveler, I was most pleased with Savory Adventures’ planning and care during the Wine and Truffle tour. Our ages varied form the mid twenties to the early eighties and we all had a wonderful time from the accommodations to the wine and food. I was delighted. – Carol, Virginia




I was a member of your Adventure to the Piedmont Area from September 23 to October 1, 2007 and had a great time. It featured wine and truffles of course, but the food was superb. Debbie was a real pro at preparing and presenting the meals, but went further by describing each meal as it was being served. As the meal was served, each course was partnered with the correct wine! You pampered us and we really felt we were on a first class adventure. You took us to three wineries, a truffle hunt and two village markets plus we saw how the famous amaretto cookies were made. Still, there was the quiet serenity of the countryside to relax each day before dinner - Louis, Florida





Spike and I had the trip of a lifetime. You and Debbie were such gracious hosts and we enjoyed getting to know everyone! The food and wine were spectacular and the people in the villages we visited were so welcoming and nice. The pizza making day was truly a beautiful day and we are excited to try making our own pizzas at home! Mamma Agata's was such an amazing day and the view from her veranda was beautiful! I could go on and on and remember every outing we went on because we loved all of them!
We hope to see you again on another trip!
– Lori and Spike, Colorado





The Amalfi trip was one of the best that I have taken, and I have been in the travel business since 1985. I had been to this area before by cruise ship, but it is so much better to go and stay there to truly absorb the beauty of the whole area. The food in the restaurants selected by Barry, and the food prepared by Debbie was perhaps the best I have ever had on any trip I have been on, including luxury cruise lines. The expertise and the sincere friendliness of Barry and Debbie made them excellent hosts. I would highly recommend a trip to Italy with Savory Adventures. – Gary Newman Travel Express, Jasper, Alabama




Having traveled to Europe for years, my special interest in food and wine as both a trained chef and wine consultant, I can heartily recommend this travel experience created just for food and wine lovers. Savory Adventures gets my vote for "exceeds expectations" for a wonderful week in Italy. Barry and Debbie provide a never-to-forget week in Piemonte, packed with morning and afternoon wine and food excursions only to be followed by personally created dinners with yet more wines. Oh, what fun! In today's world of promises and disappointments, here is a travel find that's just what you would hope for. . – Jim, New Jersey





Everyday after a wonderful interesting and fun adventure, I practiced Yoga on the rooftop of a 400 year old villa, surrounded by the beautiful Italian countryside. I will always remember the wonderful feeling I enjoyed upon returning to the villa each day. After exploring Acque Terme; cooking class and cheese tasting,and cheese making; or picking grapes, the art display and local pizza for lunch at Nocetto vineyard; not to mention the fabulous meal and wine at Marchesi di Gresy vineyards, we always knew there would be a feast forthcoming when Dolce Debbie finished in the kitchen. Because of the rapport our hosts enjoyed with the locals, we had an opportunity to experience an abundance of down-home friendliness and generosity. We came home with the feeling that Barry and Debbie, Chris and Nicola, Giacomo, Maurizio, as well as, Maurio and Giovanna are now our new best friends and we are ready to move to Italy. – Linda S


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