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About Savory Adventures

Savory Adventures, LLC specializes in culinary travel and entertainment.  Founded by Barry and Debbie Frangipane, the company hosts exclusive luxury getaways to Europe's most exclusive destinations, often in partnership with renowned chefs.  Savory Adventures also hosts events, from intimate group dinners to large gatherings.  The Frangipane name translates literally as 'breaking bread,' and this time tested social custom serves is the perfect backdrop for memorable trips and events.  The company's mission is simple and straightforward: "Sharing with others the joys of good food, good wine and lifelong friendships."



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About Debbie Frangipane (Dolce Debbie)

A lifelong believer in the sensual powers of food and wine, Chef Debbie Frangipane enjoys nothing more than sharing her passions with others, at the table, in the kitchen, on television, the web or as they travel together. With social media playing a major part in today's kitchen, Debbie a.k.a. Dolce Debbie is a favorite on blogs and other SM sites such as Twitter.

As Executive Chef and Culinary Director for Savory Adventures, Debbie and her husband Barry frequently host luxury getaways to Europe’s most exclusive destinations. Her personal repertoire of culinary delights is itself a tour of Europe’s many distinct regions, specializing in authentic local flavors from Italy and France.



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Meet Dolce Debbie

About Barry Frangipane

Barry Frangipane is a fearless adventurer, seeking out new places and immersing himself in the local language, customs and food. Throughout his life, he has made countless friends and played host to guests from all walks of life. Barry’s innate charm and disarming sense of humor make him both a gifted entertainer and the consummate host. Friends and guests alike wonder at his ability to put at ease a first time visitor to a faraway place, while simultaneously ensuring that they enjoy an authentic local experience.

Barry and Chef Debbie Frangipane, host Savory Adventures several times a year, where guests experience the finest culinary and cultural offerings of Europe. The Frangipanes are tireless in their endeavor to share their love of good food, good wine and lifelong friendships with each and person they meet along the way.



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Meet Dolce Debbie

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