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Your hosts Barry and Debbie Frangipane have spent their lives discovering the secrets of good food, great wines, and life long friendships in many of Europe's most treasured cities and towns... 


 Debbie in Lemon Grove
This is the only way to truly experience Italy!! – Debbie K, Sun Coast Travel


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Note: Due to Chef Dolce Debbie's TV and radio schedule, as of January, 2010 we are currently not scheduling any trips. Check out Dolce Debbie's recipes, and Barry's Unsavory Adventures!

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    How many Italian languages do you know? More than you might think! In linguistics, register defines the style and type of vocabulary used in speech appropriate to the social and psychological context in which it is part of. Il Saltimbanco Parlante lists the following linguistic registers: registro colloquiale, registro medio, registro formale, and registro solenne.

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